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Pebble in Pond - ripple effect

Our Mission

“You throw a stone into a deep pond. Splash. The sound is big, and it reverberates throughout the surrounding area. What comes out of the pond after that? All we can do is stare at the pond, holding our breath.” Haruki Murakami, 1Q84


We believe in social responsibility and in the role that coaching plays in transforming individuals, organisations, communities and ultimately societies.

We think of coaching individuals as throwing stones into a pond. One stone will not make the difference but many stones could. And what a transformation that would be.

We imagine how coaching everyone may help organisations become better places where conflicts are minimised and cooperation, creative thinking, performance are maximised.

Therefore, at “One Hour Coaching” our mission is to throw as many stones as possible to the pond. Our mission is to coach and empower as many individuals as possible and this makes us feel energised, motivated, full of hope and proud. We stare at the pond holding our breath.

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