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Why Us?

Laura Brescia

Laura Brescia, founder of
“One Hour Coaching”.

I believe in the human capital, in the great contribution that each individual can give to organisations, communities and societies. I believe that all individuals are resourceful, capable and creative.

However, they sometimes miss being able to connect to their resourcefulness. They do not know how to “reach – in” for intuition and how to “bring - out” great ideas for themselves and to facilitate others.

For me coaching is about helping individuals translate intuitions into ideas, and ideas into plans and actions. It is about helping them become aware of self and then hold on to this awareness while moving towards their goals. It is about empowering men and women, to make them feel in control of their personal and professional lives; to have them feel happily successful.

This is what coaching is for me and I could not possibly think of a better idea than “One Hour Coaching” to bring it to everyone.



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Why One Hour Coaching?

  • Because we care. We care about you and about offering good value: one hour of quality coaching, focused on the real issues, solution oriented and affordable.
  • Because we give you a tailored approach: each client is unique to us and therefore we choose the approach that best suits your needs.
  • Because we are business coaches trained and accredited by UK leading organisations such as The Academy of Executive Coaching.
  • Because we have been there. We have the work experience and the education to understand organisations, corporate dynamics and behaviour; therefore we can ask you the right questions to challenge your thinking and promote effective change.
  • Because we are “young minds”: we believe in continuous learning, in challenging ourselves to be the best coaches we can be. This means that we can support you with models validated by research and practice and with a wide range of up-to-date techniques.
  • Because we have an international background, we have worked in multicultural teams and lived in different countries. We set the example on how to lead change, deal with cultural shock and manage diversity.
  • Because we have strong ethics. We affiliate with leading coaching associations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC).


Why is this important to us?
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