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What is Coaching?

Nowadays the label “coaching” is used widely but not wisely. It is not always clear what it is, and what it is not. Therefore if we do not know what coaching is about, then how can we tell if coaching is what we need?


In fact there is a clear distinction between coaching and other practices such as therapy, counselling, training, mentoring and consulting.

A key difference lays in the type of relationship; while the coach and the coachee are equals and they work together towards a solution, in all the other practices the counselor, trainer, consultant,…are the “experts” and therefore the relationship with the client is unequal. Furthermore, in therapy and counseling the client is someone who is possibly unwell, who has got past issues to be solved; in coaching, the coachee is completely well.

what is coaching

Training, consulting, mentoring aim to “transfer” information from the expert to the individual who passively receives it; coaching helps the coachee to reach in for ideas, options, solutions and to bring them out; the coachee needs to be active and engages throughout the process.


In other words, what can you expect from coaching?


  1. Coaching is a self-initiated process and it is effective only if you want to make real changes. Coaching works only if you are ready to challenge yourself and take the actions you need to take.
  2. Coaching does not set the objectives, you do. The coach is in charge of the process to help you set a direction and define plans and actions.
  3. Coaching is never about offering solutions or giving you advise; it is about supporting you in the process of finding your own answers.
  4. Coaching does not deal with past issues; it deals with the present and works for a better future. Coaching is about building confidence and creating a positive action-oriented attitude.
  5. Coaching does not teach. It enables you to find the answers within yourself or to identify external sources.