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One Hour Coaching is TAILORED

At “One hour coaching” each individual is unique and therefore deserves unique attention.


Who we are is determined by genetics, environment, personality traits, cultural backgrounds, life and work experiences. The way each of us think, perceive and act is unique to ourselves.

That is why we do not believe in “one fits all” approach. Instead, we believe in “tailored” coaching, designed for you, based on your specific issues, your personality and your learning style. At “One Hour Coaching” we would really like to get to know you; before your one-to-one session, you will have the opportunity to “connect” with your coach, have an informal conversation and do some pre-work. This will help us provide you with a focused, tailored and effective coaching session; and, it will help you get started with your reflection on the key issues. Could we get more personal than this?