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One Hour Coaching

What is One Hour Coaching

To build a good house we have to start with strong foundations. At “One Hour Coaching” we build our practice on four main pillars: Tailored, Flexible, Affordable, Confidential. On these pillars stand our core values and principles. Our mission is to make coaching accessible to everyone.



At “One Hour Coaching” each individual is unique and therefore deserves unique attention.


Who we are is determined by genetics, environment, personality traits, cultural backgrounds, life and work experiences. The way each of us think, perceive and act is unique to ourselves.

That is why we do not believe in “one fits all” approach. Instead, we believe in “tailored” coaching, designed for you, based on your specific issues, your personality and your learning style. At “One Hour Coaching” we would really like to get to know you; before your one-to-one session, you will have the opportunity to “connect” with your coach, have an informal conversation and do some pre-work. This will help us provide you with a focused, tailored and effective coaching session; and, it will help you get started with your reflection on the key issues. Could we get more personal than this?



When you want, where you want, as much as you want. You decide.


With “One Hour Coaching” you are completely free to choose how many coaching hours you need. You can decide as you go. There is no pre-commitment and no pre-paid packages.

Most coaching programmes will offer you pre-paid packages including 3 to 6 sessions. At “One Hour Coaching” we do not believe in pre-commitment. We believe in empowerment; you get to decide after each session whether to continue or to stop. You can take your time, absorb the new thinking and ideas, then book another session when you feel ready. The only thing we ask is that you are seriously committed to yourself and to the coaching experience.

Technology is becoming more and more part of our daily life and therefore why not using it for coaching? “One Hour Coaching” happens through Skype calls to offer you the flexibility you need, to choose when and from where to take your coaching sessions.

Wherever you are, you can take a “One Hour Coaching”, as long as you have good Internet connection, your Skype account and a quiet space to sit down and focus on your issue. No interruptions allowed!



We want coaching to be for everyone. So let’s make it affordable.


One of the key entry barriers to business coaching is that it is usually highly priced. This is one possible explanation of why it is limited to the top executives. At “One Hour Coaching” we want coaching to be for everyone so that:

- Individuals can have a coaching session when they feel they need it, and make it fit in their budget.

- Organisations can start providing “inclusive” as opposed to “exclusive” business coaching, and support individuals, groups, departments or entire organisations in a sensible, effective and affordable way.

Therefore we are proud to offer each one-hour coaching session at a very low fee.



Nobody is going to know your secrets!


The coaching relationship is regulated by a confidentiality agreement. We would like you to think of your “One Hour Coaching” as a safe and welcoming space where you can be yourself, take time to think, open up freely with no fear about being judged or about others knowing about it. What you discuss during the session with your coach will not be disclosed to anyone. At “One Hour Coaching” we subscribe to the ICF code of conduct and this guarantees you with a high standard of ethics, confidentiality and support.

What happens during “One Hour Coaching” stays within the “One Hour Coaching”!

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