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Is Business Coaching
what you need?

Business Coaching focuses on work related issues and supports individuals to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting. The label Business Coaching may include executive, corporate and leadership coaching.

Business Coaching assists individuals in setting their goals and formulating plans to achieve them. It facilitates change by generating awareness around the issues and by helping individuals overcome their limiting beliefs so that they can find new resources within themselves. It provides support so that people stay motivated and committed.


What issues does business coaching work with?

Business Coaching tackles issues related to the work environment and personal development. Some of the most frequent areas of intervention include: leadership behaviour, time management, work-life balance, transitions, and career change to name a few.

Some questions that may help you understand why you need a business coach:

  • Do I have a clear vision and plans for my organisation and for myself?
  • Am I confident about applying for a new job opportunity and facing a new challenge?
  • Am I dealing well with work pressure and responsibility?
  • Do I feel that I am stretching myself to achieve more?
  • Am I comfortable working and contributing within a team?
  • Do I successfully lead my team by delegating, empowering and keeping them motivated?
  • Do I have positive relationships with my boss, subordinates and colleagues?
  • Am I feeling satisfied with my professional and personal life?
  • Is my life well balanced between work and family commitments?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” or “most of the time”, then you probably do not need a coach. If your answered “no” or “sometimes” to one or more of these questions and you feel that turning them into a yes really matters to you, then you should consider getting a coach.

A business coach may help you shed some light on the core issues, find the right solutions and set you on the path to a more successful, fulfilled and empowered future.