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Our Process

At “One Hour Coaching”, we use a well-designed and proven process. Following this process is crucial to safeguard consistency in quality and outcome. You can find out more about it here below. If you are a manager or an entrepreneur please check the “Personal Coaching” section; if you are a company please go to “Corporate Coaching”.



At “One hour Coaching”, when coaching individuals, we consistently follow a 4 steps process. While holding the same process for everybody, we carefully tailor the content of each step to the individual’s specific needs so that we can offer effective and quality coaching.

Coaching Process - IndividualsConnect

If we have to work together we must get along well, we must “connect”. Therefore, we start with a 30 minutes, free of charge informal call to know a bit more about each other. We will answer your questions about who we are and how we work and in return we will ask you some questions about yourself, your needs and expectations. Setting expectations is key so make sure you read the sections on “What is business coaching” and “Is coaching what you need?”

Get ready

During coaching you work hard towards a goal. With “One Hour Coaching” work starts before the coaching session. Pre-session work (such as a questionnaire and ad-hoc testing) will help you start reflecting on the topic, on your specific issues and on who you are. The “Get ready” step is fundamental for us to get to know you a bit more and for you to prepare and make the best out of the coaching experience.

One Hour Coaching session

A whole hour of one-to-one, tailored and focused coaching. During the session your issue will be under the spot light; we will define your goals, explore the situation under different perspectives, find and remove limiting beliefs and blocks, be creative at identifying options and defining actions. At “One Hour Coaching” we believe that you are resourceful and therefore you can find the right solutions within yourself. Therefore, we will not give you advise; we will provide you with the support you need to feel empowered and confident of making the choices you need to make.

“One hour Coaching” uses a well established and researched coaching model combined with creative thinking techniques to help you approach the issue from different perspectives and encourage the production of new and different ideas for better solutions.

Please go to “What is One Hour coaching” for more about our key principles.

Stay on track

After the coaching session, you may feel very engaged and excited about your new ideas and plans. However, we all know that daily pressure, work and family commitments, and sometimes even the smallest obstacles on the path may make us lose steam and momentum. We do not want that. Therefore, after a “One Hour Coaching” - and after every session if you decide to take more than one - you will receive a summary of the main outcomes and agreed actions plus some follow-up work to help you continue your self reflection and remain focused on the plan. We want to help you stay on track. We want to see you achieving your goals.

Also, we at “One Hour Coaching” we want to stay on track too. Therefore, we would like to receive some honest feedback from you about the overall coaching experience and outcomes.



When working with organisations, we offer “One Hour Coaching” sessions tailored to one/few individual or to a larger group of individuals sharing the same goal. In both cases, our approach remains one-to-one so that we can offer a dedicated attention to each individual.

process Chart OrganisationsWhen working with organisations, we use a 6 Steps process: “Explore” “Connect”, “Get started”, “One Hour Coaching session”, “Stay on track”, “Evaluate”.


In this phase, we meet with the key stakeholders (e.g. HR manager, the Head of Department) to clarify the key goals and desired outcomes, to assess if “One Hour Coaching” can offer the right approach and if so, to define the key outlines of the coaching programme.

Once the coaching programme has been designed and agreed upon, we move into the other phases from “Connect” to “Stay on track”; these will involve just the coach and the coachee as described in “Personal Coaching”.


At “One Hour Coaching” we are keen on delivering results. In this phase we aim at assessing the coaching programme and evaluate its effectiveness against the key defined goals. Feedback is key and therefore we ask both the coachee and other key stakeholders in the organisation to provide us with their opinions, suggestions and reflections on the programme and its outcomes.









“One Hour Coaching” is effectively delivered via Skype. Upon request, we also organise face-to-face programmes.

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