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Our Clients, Our Solutions


Our clients are keen on their organisations’ growth and their self-development; they are fully committed to solving issues and moving forward. They want to perform and live at their best.



Individuals do not always find the support they need within their organization or within their network. “One Hour Coaching” offers a safe space and all the support that individuals need to focus on their issues, define their priorities and move forward. At “One Hour Coaching”, the coach listens attentively and asks questions to help the client become more self-aware and find the right answers within him/herself. Through this focused process, clear plans and actions are defined so that the client can achieve the goals he/she has set in a faster way and with greater satisfaction.


“One Hour Coaching” works with managers in their mid careers who do not find the support they need within their organisations. They would like to boost an already good performance or maybe fill in some gaps here and there, but need help to focus on the right priorities, gain confidence and stay motivated; or, they have been recently promoted to a higher position and feel the pressure of being leaders; or, they are thinking of a career move but are not exactly sure about where to start.

Some key areas for coaching are:

Career Transitions

We provide support while you take up a new challenge, such as moving up into a new role, adding responsibilities or going from a local to an international assignment. We can help you focus on the right priorities, aid you in “scanning” the new business environment, assist you while understanding how to adjust your behaviour, and support you while dealing with cultural change.

Career Changes

We work with dissatisfied managers who know it is time to move on. We help you gain clarity on what you would like to achieve and to get in touch with your values and needs and see how to fulfill them; we assist you when it is time to make a choice, to lay out options and evaluate them; we give you the support you need to feel more confidence and to take important decisions.

Work Relationships

We help you manage work relationships effectively e.g. getting along with a new boss, managing a direct report, or dealing with colleagues. We make you reflect on and modify some of your behaviours in ways that fit with who you are and at the same time help you build productive relationships.

Leadership Development

You would like to be more inspiring and engaging with your team and be heard by management. Our work focuses on helping you become more aware of your current and desired leadership style, and how that may influence others; we challenge you to modify your behaviour and to observe and measure the outcomes.



“One Hour Coaching” works with entrepreneurs and independent professionals who are required to navigate through the many challenges of being business owners and employers and who have to surf the waves of fast changing environments single-handed. We help them focus on key priorities; we engage with them in the generation of new ideas for their businesses; we support them in mastering of internal and external resources.

Some key areas for coaching are:

Have the end in mind

We help you define a vision, set clear goals and make sound plans. We offer support to follow through the plan and ensure you do not lose the enthusiasm or impetus after the first clash.

Time management

Little time, so much to do…or maybe just the wrong priorities. We help you focus on what really matters; we support you to avoid procrastination and to overcome those internal blocks and beliefs that often limit action and follow-through.

Dealing with loneliness and self-doubt

Being a business owner can be exciting but also quite lonely at times. We coach you to keep the “mind chattering” under control; we help you remain confident despite others’ opinions and we support you to overcome your possible fear of failure.

“One Hour Coaching” offers tailored solutions so please consult us to discuss your specific needs or areas of concern.



Our clients are organisations moved by the belief that investing in their human resources is key to create competitive advantage in the short as well as in the long term. “One Hour Coaching” can provide them with a timely, effective and economic tool to develop their talent pool. We can follow up on performance evaluations by delivering tailored coaching where needed; we can design post-training coaching programmes to ensure learning translates into better work practice; we can support new leaders (whether they are newly hired or promoted from within) during transitions into more challenging roles.


For individuals within the organisation, our sessions can be designed around specific needs. Some examples are here below:

Focus on Performance

Too often performance evaluations are forgotten at the bottom of a drawer until it is time to discuss them again. We all know that this is a missed opportunity for personal performance improvement and for the organisation to use their resources more effectively. Starting from the outcome of performance evaluation, we help the individual focus on his/her key priorities in terms of self-development; we tackle one area at a time (starting from the one with the highest priority) and encourage the individual to reflect on what needs to change, what skills need to be developed, what specific issues or blocks need to be overcome and to define a set of actions to bring about a positive outcome.


There is no leadership behaviour that works everywhere; leadership is tightly connected to its context. Therefore, supporting new leaders during the transition to a more challenging role is key to their performance. We help them define the leadership style that works best in their context; to look at leadership from the follower perspective and to raise awareness on how it can positively influence their groups and teams; to challenge them to make shifts in their mind set and to adopt new leadership behaviours.

New hires

Moving from one organisation to another can be overwhelming and limit performance at the beginning of the new assignment. We facilitate individuals coming from a different organisation during their process of integration within the new structure and team; we help them clearly set their expectations and make plans on how to fulfil them; we help them reflect on how to best use the resources offered by the organisation and on what else they may need to accelerate the adaptation process. In this stage, coaching also works as a space to release the pressure and stress accompanying change.



When working with groups, we organise “themed” programmes built around shared objectives. Some examples

Team work

To support team participants reflect on the key factors of team working, on their roles and behaviour within the team and on defining actions on how to maximise group effectiveness and personal contribution to the project.

Training boost

To increase training effectiveness, coaching is used as a follow up intervention to boost concepts' retention, translate these into learning and behavioural change, and encourage implementation in the everyday work.

Core Values

To help first time employees become familiar with the company core values, help them reflect on how these resonate with them and how they apply to their day to day work.


“One Hour Coaching” offers tailored solutions so please consult us to discuss your specific needs or areas of concern.

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